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All events are Free

Sound in Space will traverse diversity by presenting cross sections of the local sound art community. From sound installation to Fluxus note card pieces and field recordings to live ambient music, the topography of the musical fringe is as varied as the community is geographically dispersed.

This is a program for the community by artists in the community. Every performance is free with an aim to urge active collaboration and exchange between artists and audiences.

While the sea and space are the dark unknowns, they don't have to be unknowable. Sound in Space are vehicles with which the community is invited to navigate and explore art that has been termed "experimental," or "conceptual;" loose terms that create a barrier rather than extend a hand.

The Sea and Space Explorations Gallery hosts performances and installations every weekend (Thursday through Sunday) during the month of February.



- Installations throughout the month by Marc Nimoy, Cooper Baker, Clay Chaplin, Phil Stearns, Thadeus Frazier-Reed, and Daniel Corral.

Endurance Van (nightly with events)

- Commitment in confinement - not for the faint - extreme work in the back of a van. Works of extreme duration, volume, frequencies, repetition, etc. will explore the reaches of one's determination in an exercise of will.

2/7/08 at 8PM -

Flora by Fauna

Friendly things to do with plants. Works written for or by plants including Proposition by Alison Enowles, Branches and Child of Tree by John Cage, Sticks by Christian Wolff and others.

2/8/08 at 8PM -

Dark Side of the Sea: Tales of the Teleosts and the Dark Light White

No ocular nerves will be harmed however this experiment may induce an excessive release of melatonin and dopamine. Simultaneity through overlap, this night will meld works of poetry, music, film, video and theater that question the paradigm of light---from matches to magnesium flares or flashlights to lite-brites.

2/9/08 at 8PM -
Dippy Trippy
A night of music dedicated to your third eye. Come play your brain waves with an EKG, experience the cascading riffs of "Faraway Places" and other physiological/psychedelic audio oddities that manipulate your senses and subconscious.

2/14/08 at 8PM -

Digital Meat

Explorations of the ego through digital extensions. This is a night of music with alternative controllers and new digital/analog instruments ranging from DIY gloves, 3-d sensing microphones, and robots.

2/15/08 at 8PM -

Art in Space

An evening of works by Art Jarvinen, the last frontiersman featuring his Physical Poetry pieces (abstract theatrical vignettes) followed by a set by Baghdad Batteries; brainchild of Jarvinen and Lewis Keller. Laptops, amplified bicycle wheels and assorted percussion.

2/16/08 at 8PM -
Card Flucks Us
Everything you've never thought you could do with a note card, this is a night of audience driven conception and realization of note card pieces led by Sara Roberts. Bring your ideas and have them performed.

2/21/08 at 8PM -


The unnaturalness of natural. This is a night of field recordings with local composers and sound artists. A pre-concert talk on the history of field recordings and a brief overview of the process of recording/playing the environment.

2/22/08 at 8PM -

Trayle by the Sea

A bucolic frolic through odd sonic tundra with electronic guru Mark Trayle.

2/23/08 at 8PM -


Bring your magic dragon. A night of folk music with local singer-songwriters and performance artists.

2/28/08 at 8PM -

Where the Hell is Brian Eno?

Way beyond the airport, this is music for submarines and spaceships. From analog synthesizers to digital processing, audiences are invited to come 'chill-in-space' with an evening of ambient electronic music.

2/29/08 at 8PM -

Nude Media Night 2.0

You get it. Media. Nudity.

3/1/08 at 8PM -

The Freed Reed

A night of some songs, a jam and one lecture all about the accordion.

Sea and Space Explorations

4755 York Blvd, LA, CA 90042


Gallery is open for events and Sundays 1-5 PM and by appointment.

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DIRECTIONS from Los Angeles: From the 5, take the 2 North. Take the Verdugo Road exit. Left onto Eagle Rock Boulevard. Right onto York Boulevard (major cross street is Armadale Boulevard).

Official Website: http://www.soundinspace.org

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