730 Madison Ave
Covington, Kentucky 41011

Buckethead is one of the most bizarre and enigmatic figures in American underground and experimental music since Parliament-Funkadelic birthed their bevy of cosmic characters in the mid-'70s. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist best known for his virtuosic command of the electric guitar, Buckethead is one of the instrument's most recognizable contemporary innovators, his rapid-fire riffing, near-robotic fretwork, and idiosyncratic lead lines combining elements of Yngwie Malmsteen, Adrian Belew, Slayer's Kerry King, P-Funk's Eddie Hazel, and avant-improv artist John Zorn's Scud-attack sax abuse. Protege to bandleader and funk-bass pioneer Bootsy Collins, fellow Cincinnati native Chris "Freekbass" Sherman and his band have inherited the Buckeye State's funk flag, while winning over many funk-favoring ears across the Midwest. Taking a page from the Bootsy cookbook, Freekbass lets medium-tempo grooves simmer, spicing the mix with delicious hooks, grab-ya guitar parts, and trippy sci-fi synth sounds that weave in and out of the funk.

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