859 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94109

Tickets: On Sale Sunday, June 22
$21 General Admission

On Phantom Punch Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down deliver music brimming over with unrestrained youthful energy. 11 powerful tracks, several recorded live in only one take, don't forsake Lerche's well renowned melodic gifts, but its concise solos and vigorous ensemble playing show us a band at the top of their game. “These songs are cut to the bone, not a second longer than they have to be,” Lerche explains. “And I didn't want to be subtle this time around, I wanted every song to jump out of the speakers – punchy, concise pop songs, played with restless spirit.”

“I toured with Elvis Costello last year,” Lerche recalls. “The way he interacted with his band made me start writing songs with my band in mind. Duper Sessions was about the swing, but Phantom Punch is about capturing the physical energy of four musicians playing together in a room, and the joy of music”

Phantom Punch is sparked by Lerche's initial musical exposure, paying tribute to a wide range of sounds anywhere from 80s pop to Brazilian music. There are sharp edgy rockers like “Face The Blood” and “The Tape;” bright melodic pop tunes like “Say It All” and “She's Fantastic;” the psychotic disco-waltz of the addictive title track, the acoustic introspection of “Tragic Mirror” and “John, Let Me Go”, a surrealistic tune with a quirky yet infectious bossa nova rhythm.

Producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Phoenix, Supergrass, Marianne Faithful) was chosen by Sondre to get a brighter more aggressive sound. “They've been with me for over six years now so we're a fairly dynamic group,” Lerche says of his Faces Down trio - guitarist Kato Ådland, drummer Ole Ludvig Krüger and bass man Morten Skage. “Hoffer helped us get that intensity on tape. We tried to do a song a day, with me singing live on every take, just like in concert, searching for that one special take.”

Official Website: http://www.gamh.com/artist_pages/sondre_lerche_082608.htm

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