216 union street
Seattle, Washington 98101

Fred Hoadley founded Sonando in 1990 with a blueprint for a fusion of Afro-Cuban and jazz elements. He had enjoyed a nice seven-year run with the fondly-remembered salsa band Bochinche and casting his net wider seemed a worthy challenge. Besides, having an interesting vehicle for playing tunes like John Coltrane?s "Blue Train" and Sonny Rollins? "Pent-Up House" was most appealing.

Over time, Sonando dug into the rootsier side of Afro-Cuban music, and by 2002 incorporated son, changui, bata and rumba, plus an array of indigenous instruments, into its ever-expanding repertoire. Hoadley?s four trips to Cuba certainly helped bring the band a deep vein of authenticity.

Today, Sonando is a rich stew of Hoadley?s long experience, augmented by key ingredients that his bandmates bring from their own backgrounds, diverse influences like Willie Bobo, Pancho Sanchez, Pablo Moses and The Four Tops. There?s a confidence and authority in the band?s playing that demonstrates a thorough mastery of the Afro-Cuban idiom. Jazz Now commented: "Producer-pianist Fred Hoadley?s project is tight as a timbale with first-rate soloists, simmering multiple percussion, and stiletto-sharp ensemble playing in consistently engaging compositions and arrangements."

As well as Hoadley on piano and tres, Sonando includes Jim Coile (sax, flute), Barney Brazitis (bass), Chris Stromquist (drums, percussion), and Tom Bergeson (congas, percussion),. They have released two self-produced CDs, "Sonando" and "La Rumba Esta Buena".

For more information, visit http://sonando.org