3159 Cherokee
Saint Louis, Missouri 63118


WHAT: The Tin Ceiling and Ragged Blade present "Somebody Else's Life", solo show by Jerry Rabushka; Greg Hunsaker, director.

WHERE: At The Tin Ceiling
3159 Cherokee St. (at Compton)

WHEN: February 10, 11, 17 & 18 at 8 PM

TICKETS: $10.00
For more information: www.raggedblade.com. or call 314-280-1035

Somebody Else's Life...

You down with the blond, big boy?

Sometimes it's all about the hair. The blond head on the grocery bagger. The black 'stache on the cowboy. Sometimes it's enough to make you wish you could be someone else. Or at least, have somebody else's life. Rabushka's solo production starts off innocently enough on a street corner in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 81st and Yale, to be exact, with a character who realizes that if he can't, in fact, be someone else, he can at least stand next to the ones who have it so much better.

On one side is Chuck - the cowboy who's most likely never ridden a horse, but drat if he doesn't have the duds! On the other side, young Ryan bags groceries and pines for the love of his life - a new feeling at 16.

Somebody Else's Life explores exactly that - the burning questions of life - somebody else's, that is. What happens when marriage loses its sanctity? Can a gay couple and a straight couple live next door to each other if there isn't enough sanctity to go around?

Meanwhile, Ryan's fondest dream comes true when he gets to kiss the boy he loves - but moments later his world starts falling away from him.

Hilarious, yet chilling, full of surprises, and with as much fun as can be had with a pump organ, we invite you to spend a few moments living Somebody Else's Life

Running time: 50 minutes
" A tour de force, Jerry Rabushka gives a scintillating performance. He gets you laughing so hard and then before you catch your breath he takes it away again!"
- Jaime Kelley & Joy Ovington, KDHX Radio Show "Living OUT Loud"

"Rabushka's gift for witty and compelling monologues are always a treat. But to see him transform into the characters he's created demonstrates an untapped genius that is utterly astounding to see live."
--Jade Esteban Estrada, award winning performer, "ICONS."

"A powerful play. Somebody Else's Life is about OUR lives, OUR loves, OUR fears, OUR tears, and OUR laughter!! It addresses how WE feel, how WE live, how WE love, how WE hurt and so much more..."
-- Denise Akers, Vision of Pride, Cape Girardeau, MO

"Rabushka creates incredibly believable character portraits and perfectly blends vulnerability humor, politics, fantasy, desire, and gay identity issues. 'Somebody Else's Life' is a definite must see!"
-- Michael Burke, NYC performance artist

"It's an amazing show!"
--Tom Swanner, President, Lambda Players, Sacramento, CA

"High intensity show... telling stories that might not otherwise be told."
--Jason Weiner, Missoula Independent

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