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Solutions Day is an annual event to inform, connect, and mobilize citizen leaders to help win America’s future. More than 100,000 people participated nationwide at the inaugural Solutions Day. Our second annual Solutions Day, available by live stream on this website, will be historic in its content and its citizen involvement. The theme of Solutions Day 2008 is “We Have the Power” and will focus on providing citizens with the tools, knowledge, and training they need to transform government at all levels—from school boards and city councils to state legislatures and Congress (513,000 elected offices).

A Tri-partisan Event

American Solutions is a tri-partisan organization. Our tri-partisan agenda, the Platform of the American People only includes issues that have the support of a majority of Democrats, a majority of Republicans and a majority of independents. American Solutions was present at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to talk about these issues that unite an overwhelmingly majority of Americans. Solutions Day will include participation by prominent Democrats and Republicans, including former Democratic Governor Roy Romer of Colorado, former Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro, former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Republican Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, NBA legend Dominique Wilkins, and many others.

Imagine how much healthier America would be if in January 2009 both parties were committed to adopting a set of solutions the American people favor by large majorities.

The American people are united. Now, both parties have a historic choice: continue politics as usual, or stand for real change. I hope you’ll join me on September 27th in urging the Republican and Democratic parties to stand with the American people for real change.

Official Website: http://solutionsday2008.com/

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The two party system has been failing us for a long time. The current economic debacle is proving that point. We need leadership who knows the "experts" who can rescue us from the greed and political piracy that has governed wall street and our Congress for the last many years. Ready for "real" change and solutions, not just lip service.