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Hove, England BN3 2BE

As a way of saying "thanks" to The Werks for all the open co-working Fridays I've attended and enjoyed I will be offering solutions coaching for the next 4 weeks. These will be held at The Werks every Tuesday.

The format will be 1:1 coaching sessions lasting about 45 minutes and will be on a "first come first served" basis.

If any of these scenarios apply to you then solutions coaching will help:

~ You feel pulled in lots of different directions and rush from one "crisis" to another

~ You find yourself constantly caught up in the details of your business and have lost sight of the bigger picture

~ Too much of your time and energy is spent on work

~ You're constantly dealing with what's urgent rather than what's important

~ You frequently procrastinate and feel stuck

Or maybe you're at a transition point in your life or business and need help finding the right direction to take it from here.

By asking incisive questions I will help you clarify your thoughts, identify the areas you need to focus on, find solutions and develop strategies that will make the greatest difference to you and your business in the shortest time - Not to mention giving you a proverbial 'kick up the bum' where needed!

Whatever area of your life or business you would like to change I can help. Whether it's brainstorming ideas, setting better goals or better assessing your current situation I will ask the right questions to help you see more clearly the way forward.

If you'd like to book a session please go to: http://werkshop.eventwax.com/coaching-at-the-werks

For more information contact me on: 07708 015850 or [email protected]

I look forward to working with you.


About me:
I completed my personal and business coaching certification in 1999, after 2 years training, and ran a successful full-time coaching practice in Hove for a number of years. I have experience of working with individuals, small businesses and at the Corporate level with organisations such as British Airways, Barclays Bank and Jaguar Cars.

Official Website: http://werkshop.eventwax.com/coaching-at-the-werks

Added by gillianp on May 2, 2008



I've been working with Gillian over the last few months figuring out aspects of ShowMeDo's growth. Gillian's don't-talk-bullshit-here approach means I can't talk crap and I really have to focus on what matters.

If you've got a bigger picture in mind and you're not sure how to get to it, you really should arrange a meeting with Gillian and have a chat.

Ian (ShowMeDo.com/£5 App meets)


I agree with Ian. Gillian and I have met regularly to help me focus my plans for launching worldreviewer.com. She has been great at helping me prioritise and 'seeing the wood for the trees'. Overall, time meeting with Gillian has been time well spent!