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The return of the throat-singing champions from Tuva with a guest appearance by Laurie Anderson in an all-acoustic performance. $35 Advance purchase recommended.

Chirgilchin are the reigning champions of the annual national throat-singing competition in Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. The word chirgilchin means either "mirage" or "miracle" in the Tuvan language. The group of four represents the cream of the younger generation of Tuvan musicians and was brought together by Alexander Bapa, the founder of the popular throat-singing group Huun-Huur-Tu who have successfully toured the nation many times.

Throat singing, or ?overtone singing,? is the audible expression of producing two or more notes at once. This startling technique was developed in response to the sounds of the natural environment in which Central Asian nomad tribes roamed. A particularly rich throat singing tradition survives in Tuva and neighboring Mongolia. In these areas, marked by vast grasslands and mountain ranges, throat singing is called kh??mei. The singer extracts overtones by varying the shape of his mouth and pharynx: as a result two, three, or even four distinct tones can be heard at once. As the fundamental tone remains constant, melodies are sung with the highest overtone, resembling the sound of a flute. All of Chirgilchin?s songs are in the Tuvan language, and the group plays instruments such as the doshpuluur (a variation on a lute, with three strings), and the igil (a violincello with two strings).

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