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This is not science fiction. Hear how a lunar solar power system can transform this planet. Sunlight falls reliably on to the Moon, unimpeded by atmospheric clouds, rain, fog, dust or life. Very low-mass solar power collectors, constructed on the moon from the lunar soil, can convert the sunlight into beams of microwave photons that can be directed to receivers on Earth that efficiently output low-cost commercial electric power. This electric energy can cost 90%less than present costs and enable a sustainable economy forever for the entire planet. Hear about the startup costs, political obstacles and how you can help to promote the creation of this system which can be in place within 15 years.

David Criswell, PhD, Rice, was featured in a BBC video on this subject and has lectured about it across the U.S., in Europe, China and South America. For 21 years he served as the director of the Institute for Space Systems Operations at UH Central Campus and UH Clear Lake. He was a staff scientist with the Lunar and Planetary Institute (1970-80). Dr. Criswell established teams of UH and UH Clear Lake faculty and Johnson Space Center researchers to conduct joint research projects using graduate students and post doctorial fellows from several UH and UHCL colleges who conducted research on all matters related to space exploration and development from the JSC perspective. The Institute For Space Systems Operations program is described at http://isso.uh.edu

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