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Feeding Our Cities in the 21st Century

Behind the complacency of attitude stemming from over 50 years of global trade in cheap, anonymous food lies a chilling reality. If oil became really scarce or expensive or global conflict reduced food availability, most of the world's cities would reach crisis point within weeks.

Cities occupy 2% of the world's land surface but use 75% of its resources. Urban society, with its fossil fuel-powered industrial, farming and transport systems, is making colossal and unsustainable demands on our global environment. London alone currently requires over 120 times its own area ? roughly equivalent to the entire productive land area of the UK ? to supply it with food.

The Soil Association's 60th anniversary conference is examining the crucial issue of 'Feeding Our Cities in the 21st Century'. It will focus on restoring structures and relationships that are healthy and sustainable and serve to truly connect the urban public with those who produce their food.!OpenDocument

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