125,Gloucester Road
Brighton, England BN1 4AF

We welcome software testers, students, aspiring testers, companies (big and small) or anyone who thinks testers are cool to come along for conversation, free help and advice.

No agenda, just come along and help increase awareness of software testing within the Brighton/Sussex community. Free drink courtesy of DrivenQA.

Official Website: http://club.drivenqa.com

Added by rosiesherry on May 25, 2007



What time are you likely to be there (and coherent ;)) til? I'm interested in attending but can't make it til 9ish...


Well, if Mr Dallaway is coming, we could be there all night :)

Not sure really, not expecting everyone to turn up on time, so is probably likely to go on a bit.

You could always give me a call on my mobile before coming.


So I am missing all these interesting new things coz they clash with Glastonbury :(


I guess it's a good sign that people find this event interesting :)


Will there be another?


Yes...still deciding when.