215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) enthusiasts around the world will once again take to the streets for the third annual Software Freedom Day (SFD) on September 16th. The movement towards Open Source Software has been gaining momentum through the increasing popularity of Linux computer operating systems. Open Source software has freely available source code that encourages the user of the software to improve, develop and share their improvements.

In Toronto, the Linux User Group (LUG) called Ubuntu Toronto will be handing out free Ubuntu CDs and providing demonstrations at the Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Ave. Suite 120, between 10am and 2pm. Following this event, Ubuntu Toronto members will be providing online, real-time support via a web-based chat, found at http://www.linuxcaffe.ca/scgi-bin/irc.cgi

Ten teams in Canada will join 137 teams from more than 100 countries around the world in celebrating software freedom through installfests, free CD distribution, demonstrations, workshops and talks. Celebrations are planned for Melbourne, Mumbai, San Francisco and Victoria, B.C, as well as many more places.

Ubuntu is a free, open source, Linux-based operating system that starts with a stable operating system and adds regular releases every six months, a clear focus on the user and usability, and a commitment to security updates with 18 months of support for every release (and with the most recent Long Term Support release, you get 3 years on the desktop and 5 on the server!). Ubuntu ships with the latest technology release as well as a selection of server and desktop software that makes for a comfortable desktop experience off a single installation CD.

The Ubuntu community includes members who identify with both the free software and open source camps and many who identify with both. The philosophy of free, open source software fits well with the name Ubuntu, which is an African concept of “humanity towards others.”

People who are interested in obtaining a free copy of the Ubuntu operating system software can speak to the members of Ubuntu Toronto Software Freedom Team who will be at the Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Ave. Suite 120 on Saturday, September 16th at 10am-2pm or they can go to the linuxcaffe at 326 Harbord Street, Toronto, or online at www.linuxcaffe.ca.

Official Website: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Toronto

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