Chapman University
Orange, California

THREE EXCITING WORKSHOPS AT THE ORANGE CONFERENCE On the first day of the SCTPLS conference in Orange, July 27, we will offer three stimulating and exciting workshops, facilitated by some leaders of the field of Nonlinear Dynamics. Stephen Guastello, Professor of Psychology at Marquette University will conduct an introductory level workshop entitled Basic Nonlinear Dynamics covering some of the basic concepts and illustrating their explanatory power. John and Jo Lee Link (Volvox, Inc.), in an intermediate to advanced-level workshop, will demonstrate the Chaos, Inc. exercise, a simulation of dynamical processes for practitioners working in complex organizations. Terrill Frantz (Carnegie-Mellon University) will offer an advanced level workshop entitled Social Agents and Simulating Social-System Dynamics, a hands-on systems analysis course, which utilizes the Enron 1999-2002 e-mail corpus to analyze social networks and their evolution over time.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS for SCTPLS-17 will be Dr. Bruce West, author of "Where Medicine Went Wrong", and Dr. Bill McKelvey, "Why Power Law Phenomena Serve to Integrate Chaos and Complexity Dynamics." Updates about guests, workshops, and other features will be posted to [ our conference webpage.

CALL FOR PAPERS for the 17th Annual International SCTPLS conference in Orange, CA is open until April 29. Early submissions can receive a response by April 9. The most popular formats for papers, symposia, and roundtables are listed on the abstract submission form. Further questions should be directed to Dr. Ivelisse Lazzarini, Conference Committee Chair.

The CALL FOR PAPERS for the 17th Annual International Conference of SCTPLS at Chapman University, July 27-29, 2007, Orange, CA is now open. The deadline for submissions is April 29. Early submissions will receive a response by April 9.

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