4030 George Sellon Circle SCA-03
Santa Clara, California 95054

An open BarCamp style event that will explore topics related to the rise of the Social Web. How does it all fit together? debate/hack/plan/collaborate!

Imagine a world where everybody could participate easily in a distributed yet secure social web. In such a world people could place their photos, music, or other content on their web site and give access to some of it to their friends, some to their family, the rest to their colleagues, and some even to the friends of their friends... How can one do this without requiring every participant to create one login for each of their friends' sites? How does one do this in a distributed and flexible manner compatible with web architecture? What issues would need to be solved to make this possible?

See the Topics for discussion section.
What is a Bar Camp?

A Bar camp is a user-generated conference (also known as an unconference). It is an open, participatory workshop-event, whose content is provided by the participants. More on the Wikipedia article.

* members of the W3C's Social Web Incubator group
* Daniel Appelquist, Vodafone, and chair of the W3C's Social Web Incubator
* Henry Story, Sun Microsystems
* [... add your organisation name...]

Possible Topics for Discussion

* Distributed Social Web - How can one create a global interconnected Social Network?
* Social Web Standards - What are they and how do they fit together? What are the gaps?
* Platforms and software - What Social Web platforms currently exist? What software (open source or otherwise) is out there that can help build the Social Web?
* Social Web User Experience - What (should be / is) the user experience of the social web? How does it differ from how people use social networks today? What are the "key user stories" of the Social Web?
* Business Models - If the Social Web is disruptive to the business of existing social networks, what are the emerging business models will power the social web? How are the big social networks adapting to their role in a Social Web ecosystem?
* Social Web success stories - What companies and organizations are putting this thinking into practice right now?
* The Internet of Subjects (see Manifesto): How can one bring about a world where people own their data?
* Social / Professional web within large enterprises. Are standards that the enterprise can benefit from?
* [please feel free to add your own...]

Technologies to be Discussed

* OpenId: safe, faster, and easier way to log in to web sites.
* OAuth: An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.
* OpenSocial
* foaf+ssl: RESTful one-click sign on for distributed social networks
* OpenMicroBlogging: federated subscription to status updates
* Executable English -- Social media that computes and explains
* [please feel free to add your own...]

Other complementary conferences

Further reasons to be in the Bay Area that week:

* The W3C is meeting in Santa Clara for its Technical Plenary that week in Santa Clara.
* The following day, the Internet Identity Workshop is taking place in Mountain View until the end of the week. Go there to push the discussion further by meeting up with the OpenId, OAuth, Liberty crowd, which are all technologies that can participate in the development of the Social Web.
* You may also want to check out ApacheCon which is also taking place that week.
* OpenId is having a meeting the same day in the afternoon, so for those who need to be there, the morning will be organised to make their time at the Social Web Camp worthwhile.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/SocialWebCamp-Santa-Clara

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