Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2DE
London, England EC1


SocialSource 2005 has similar aims to the inaugural event held in September 2004, and is aiming for a similar look and feel.

The event is being organised in order to give attendees a more realistic idea of what Free and Open Source Software is currently capable of, and to hear experiences from those who have used it. It represents an attempt at Free and Open Source advocacy for the Voluntary and Community Sector in London; depending on its success, the organisers may look towards further activities for the future.

It is hoped that a not-insignificant result of the event will be simply from the networking experiences on the day, which could form the beginnings of a larger network of stakeholders for those interested in the impact of Open Source in the sector.

Many participants may share an interest in the wider issues relating to "Openness" in general - Open Society etc, this event will be focused on Free and Open Source as a benefit to Voluntary & Community Sector technology, although there is almost certainly going to be discussion around some of the non-technology issues on the day.

Added by yish on October 26, 2005