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Social Networking, Social Media - to Grow Your Business

This talk is an introduction to a new original integrated marketing methodology that connects in a very sophisticated way a variety of traditional and new marketing channels to facilitate growth of your business.

We'll review categories of marketing channels [such as LinkedIn, Orkut, Second Life, YouTube, Facebook, etc ], their characteristics, challenges, opportunities and strategies and walk through an example of how they can be used in integrated fashion to generate more business for your company: large enterprise or small moms and pops shop.

About presenter:
Tatyana Kanzaveli has been in executive sales, marketing, and business development roles with start-ups and global enterprises for over 20 years. She has developed new integrated marketing methodology that she successfully used to develop unique market segments.


Official Website: http://itexec.meetup.com/32/calendar/8316442/

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This sounds of interest.
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