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Experts claim that blogs, podcasts, RSS, instant messaging and other social network technologies are the next wave in office productivity, and that they will transform the way we do business by encouraging new types of collaboration. With today’s shortage of time and attention, combined with focus on increased productivity, anything that enables employees to improve their working practices is to be welcomed. Understanding the impact of Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis is essential in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape making this conference a must for any organisation that doesn’t want to fall behind their competitors. This conference looks at the new technologies in a business setting, with overview presentations and case studies. Both the internal use – often in the form of instant messaging and wikis – and external use, usually via blogs, rss feeds and podcasts – will be covered. There will also be presentations on Web 2.0 and beyond - According to BBC Radio 4’s programme “In Business”, “[Web 2.0]… is leaching power away from the old information providers in the press and broadcasting and handing it to a new democracy of bloggers and communicators now numbered in millions.”
There will be a strong emphasis on the practical aspects. You will find out the different applications of each technology and their relative merits and drawbacks, and how to choose between increasing numbers of new offerings, depending on your business need.

The conference is chaired by David Gurteen, founder of the Gurteen Knowledge Community and himself both a user and an advocate of these technologies.

Speakers include Euan Semple, Stowe Boyd, and Lee Bryant.

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