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Adding social media into the marketing mix is increasingly important for marketers who want to establish an online presence for their businesses. Capulet Communications is running one-day workshops to teach communicators and marketers, as well as small business owners, how to:

* Bring more visitors to your website
* Increase your company’s visibility online
* Approach bloggers and other online influencers about your products and services
* Get your website social media ready
* Craft a potent social media pitch
* Incorporate online channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter into your marketing programs
* Avoid campaign killers and online faux pas

Building on the sold-out course we taught for UBC Continuing Education this winter, we discuss the dos and don'ts of social media marketing; look at successful marketing campaigns; introduce the social media tools every marketer should know about; and cover online communications etiquette.

Students will leave with:

* A copy of our social media marketing ebook, Getting to First Base: A Social Media Marketing Playbook
* Templates for creating a social media marketing plan
* Templates for creating an influencer database

We're also running a similar event in Victoria. Yoga photo by Kris Krug.

Official Website: http://capulet.com/social-media-marketing-bootcamp

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