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Is your staff telling you that you should be on Twitter? Are they designing a Facebook page? Is your LinkedIn profile up to speed? Should you care about any of this?

Rather than reviewing tactics and social media platforms, this workshop will provide you with a strategic overview of how to evaluate key areas of your company including customer service, marketing communications and human resources and determine why and how they might benefit from social media participation. Don't expect breathless cheerleading expect a strategic overview of what you need to know to make solid management decisions in this new communication paradigm.

This must-attend executive event will feature the following industry insiders: Paula Berg, the manager of Emerging Media for Southwest Airlines, the nation’s leading low – fare air carrier and the largest domestic airline in terms of Customers carried, Jessica Berlin, the Social Media Manager for the Resident Shows Division of Cirque du Soleil based in Las Vegas, Deirdre Breakenridge, who has been in PR and marketing for 20 years helping senior executives in mid-size to large organizations communicate to their stakeholders, Linda O'Neill, the General Manager for Customer Operations for EMBARQ, and Liz Ryan, an expert on the new-millennium workplace, a former Fortune 500 Human Resources executive and the author of Happy About Online Networking: The Virtual-ly Simple Way to Build Professional Relationships.

The event is hosted by Dave Taylor and Doyle Albee, internationally known social media and public relations experts: Dave has been involved with the evolution of the Internet since 1980, has published twenty books on business and technical topics and runs the popular AskDaveTaylor blog, and Doyle is President of Metzger Associates and has counseled many companies, from Fortune 500s to start-ups, on the strategic application of social media as a part of an organization's overall communication mix.

Conveniently scheduled the day before Blogworld and New Media Expo, Social Media for Executives is a don't miss event.

But don't wait: there are only 24 seats available for this intimate, high-value retreat.

Official Website: http://www.executivesocialmediabriefing.com/

Added by Dave Taylor on September 23, 2009