Wrights Lane, Kensington,
London, England W8 5SP

Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Wikipedia – social networking sites and the surrounding buzz words are the talk of the industry right now, but how can companies actually leverage these sites for business ends? Hear from brands who have tapped into social networks and created a buzz – and got people talking about their brand to others. This is also a chance to hear from social networking sites about the key tools they employ to build communities online – and what businesses can harness from this.

For further information or to reserve your place call now on 020 7970 4876 or email: [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.mad.co.uk/Main/Events/SocialMedia/Default.html

Added by Samantham on June 28, 2007



62 watching but only three people attending!

Would love to go as we are creating a platform to unite (phuse) the best Web 2.0 services. Not going at £595 though :(

Any idea if there is an after conference party?

Judith Lewis - deCabbit

Not that I'm aware of but that shouldn't stop us all meeting in the bar at the hotel and kidnapping the speakers to chat with them about their presentations...