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In 2007, media from BusinessWeek to The Today Show hailed virtual worlds as the next great communications platform—and criticized them for being nothing more than elaborate video games. As we move into 2008, more and more companies will be considering how to integrate virtual worlds into their business and marketing plans to provide consumers with an interactive brand experience and employees with new tools for collaboration, recruitment and education.

We invite you to come together with the Seattle Social Media Club and Text 100 on the evening of January 31 for an interactive panel discussion about the evolution of Second Life and its new features, along with an in-world demonstration. Panelists include:

• Jeff Barr, senior evangelist for Amazon Web Services;

• Rob Lanphier, "open source busybody" from Linden Lab's new Seattle office; and

• Brian White, author of Second Life - A Guide To Your Virtual World (three copies to be given away at the meeting!) and the organizer of the Seattle Second Life Meetup

Please RSVP at http://seattlesocialmediaclub.eventbrite.com/

We look forward to seeing you!

Official Website: http://socialmediaclub.org

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