857 Maude Avenue
Mountain View, California 94043

Join us for our first open meeting to talk about Social Media Club and the new Media Release Microformat. This is going to be a very straighforward sort of gathering amont those people who are interested in helping us launch the organization and those interested in our first project, which is known as the New Media Release. (aka hRelease, Media Release, Social Media Press Release, News Release and Adjective+Descriptor).

Official Website: http://www.socialmediaclub.org

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We have set up a conference call (10 lines) and an IRC for those who cannot attend in person.

More information can be found at http://www.socialmediaclub.org/2006/08/14/social-media-club-meeting-details/


From Chris Heuer - One of the most important aspects of our discussion tonight is moving our efforts around the hRelease from a discussion amongst interested parties into a working group of professionals - to actually begin the work on the standard itself. We have done a good job of scanning the horizon and bringing some of the right people into the community. We have identified many of the major obstacles and opportunities. We have attracted some attention from other important players in the industry. We now need to get to work.

So after a round of introductions tonight, I want to take the first 30 minutes or so to talk about what we are trying to do with Social Media Club and get some feedback on what a professional association for Social Media might look like from everyone else's perspective. I really want this to be the sort of association that I want to belong to - one that stands for something and one that makes a real impact.

After the discussion on Social Media Club, we will talk about the nature of the hRelease Working Group and identify initial members and the basic structure. It will be an open process of course, but there needs to be more regimen and an agreed upon deliberative processes. We will borrow a lot
from what has already been done within the Microformats community, but we can be a little flexible for our specific needs. Then there is the matter of the "Media Release Case Study Contest"...

We will have some light refreshments tonight (sodas, water, snacks) and plan on heading to an informal "Blogger Dinner" afterwards in downtown Mountain
View at Tied House. http://www.tiedhouse.com/locations/mtn_view.html