40 Long Acre, Covent Garden
London, England WC2E 9LG

I will be in London for the XPRL meeting (related to the new Media Release format for revitalizing the traditional Press Release) and will be participating in the first meeting of the London Social Media Club.

If you are in the area, please plan on joining us for a robust discussion on the future of the Press Release and to establish plans for the club in London!

Official Website: http://www.socialmediaclub.org/2006/09/08/social-media-club-london/

Added by chrisheuer on September 9, 2006



This is going to be an intimate event, but we now have about ten people confirmed as attending - they just aren't Upcoming users, and so don't show up here.


Damn shame about the date, i'd really love to participate - i don't get back to the UK until Sunday - do you have any other dates lined up?


Not sure yet if I will make it for sure or not... I will do if I can! It looks quite interesting. (but please treat the geek with care ;) )


Thanks Jackie. If I could ask those planning on coming to sign up on the Mollyguard registration page so we can let the folks at the front door know to expect you - http://www.mollyguard.com/myevent?eid=36662659.

Mogston and Sara: This is the launch of the Social Media Club in London and our intention is to have this group get together on a regular basis and to collaborate with the other chapters of the Social Media Club (we are launching/have launched Silicon Valley, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles this month with Boston, Vancouver, Seattle, and Toronto to follow in October/November*) to work not only on the hRelease project, but several others coming down the pipe.

The key is to find someone in London to help organize these gatherings (volunteers please raise your hand) to keep the dialogue going and assist us in connecting your group with the other chapters around the world.

Also, we have some ideas on what we would like the Social Media Club to look like, but want your input to really make this a dynamic organization. This piece is critical, so please be vocal as to what you would like to see in an organization focused on promoting best practices, media literacy and setting standards.

Lastly - Chris will be podcasting this event, so if you are not able to attend you can listen to what was discussed here (and at the other events as well). All this will be available on the Social Media Club website in the next week or so. http://www.socialmediaclub.org.


*We are also currently looking at Germany, France, Australia, Pacific Rim, and several more US cities to launch. If you know someone in a specific region who would like to lead a SMC chapter, please have them email me at kristie [at] brainjams [dot] org. Thanks!