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With Social Media now so firmly entrenched in our lexicon and our lives, there are many people claiming expertise and having little or none. While its a natural outcome of any emerging industry reaching a peak in popularity, this is perhaps the biggest challenge facing true social media professionals today. So what can be done about this? How can we make sure that businesses, non-profits and government agencies are able to hire consultants and service providers who are 'real' professionals?

Join us for our first Social Media Cafe on Friday August 14th from 8-11am at CitizenSpace. While its modeled in part after the Social Media Cafe Lloyd Davis has been organizing successfully in London as well as Bryan Person's Social Media Breakfast, this event will have us working collaboratively to determine what if anything can be done to support the growth of the industry and to protect organizations from being harmed by bad advice and black hat like activities.

The majority of the morning will just be about hanging out, talking with each other, making media, drinking coffee and eating doughnuts.

For about 30 minutes though, Chris Heuer will lead a discussion on this important topic which was discussed at length by several well known journalists in a private meeting during Twiistup. Normally, this would be the bi-monthly pitch - its just about getting together and helping each other, sharing our insights and staying connected.

See you there.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110860109299

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