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Second of two sessions May 8 & 15. Instructor John Hartman

Whether it's called Social Media, New Media or Internet Media it all comes back to the interactive and collaborative nature of the new web application platform that is referred to as Web 2.0. Social and viral, this iteration of the internet has changed the way we interact on and with the web. Understanding these changes and the new models is crucial. Did you know that social media drives as much traffic to websites as all the major search engines combined? If you care about search, you should care about social media.
The core component of the distribution methodology is RSS or Really Simple Syndication. Understanding the power of RSS and the tools to make it work for you are key to navigating the flood of data on the web. Another powerful tool is the social vetting process of sites like Digg, Wikipedia and other “wisdom of the crowd” sites.
From the Ajaxian frameworks like Dojo to the universal nature of Adobe’s AIR the underlying code is evolving and allowing for a true rich media web. We are also seeing the flat web take steps into 3D space with platforms like Second Life and we will take a look at them in the segment on the future and web 3.0+.

What you will cover:

Blogging and Citizen Journalism
Twitter, Microblogging and Lifelogging
Understanding the Wiki Way
Audio and RSS a.k.a. Podcasting
Vlogging and video in the 2.0 era
The Digg effect
MySpace meets Facebook in the social play ground
The future and web 3.0+

Official Website: http://www.pdc.pdx.edu/mmedia/

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