Edge Lane
Liverpool, England

This is a free event


11am - 11.30am Arrival & Networking
11.30am - 12.15pm Session 1 - Introduction to Social Media & Tools
12.15pm - 12.45pm Session 2 - Podcasting: Become your own global digital media publisher
12.45pm - 2pm Lunch & Networking

Official Website: http://www.merseysideict.org.uk/calender/shwCalenderDetail.aspx?ID=327

Added by don_mcallister on July 16, 2007



Hey Don,
you might want to move this to 'Liverpool' as it gets a bit lost in 'Merseyside'...


Does anyone know of anyone who has a Pownce account?
It's currently invite only, bit like Gmail was when they first started out.
I know this hasn't nothing to do with the topic other than its technically a social networking tool, but its a good arena to ask.
Oh and thanks for the add Katie


Tis Okay, Got an invite.. Thanks..
If anyone is interested ive got a few invites left . Its basically a twitter, jaiku kinda thing,


Oops, too late! I do have pownce and invites; looks nice but haven't used it enough to yet to decide.


Pownce eh, not heard of that one. I'm going to try and attend this, I hope.



How do I move it?

Never mind - I'll know better next time :-)


Just thought i'd leave a note to say it was good to meet you today.

Great presentations for both Katie and Don, I havent seen anyone that excited by Apple products for years Don.

Katie, great presentation, thought it flowed very smoothly and very informative.