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Imagine entering the door at a business networking event and instantly knowing from your smartphone who's influential and who's not in the room...Would that affect how you spend your time?
Social scores that measure a person's online influence have sparked considerable debate and created new opportunities for savvy marketers. Like a credit score, these scores enable high ranking influencers to gain upgrades and free services from businesses who want to garner their favor in order to spread positive word of mouth. Influence scores are also increasingly utilized to support decisions by customer service, book publishers, and hiring managers.
Join our panel of experts including Joe Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Klout, Azeem Azhar, CEO of PeerIndex and others as we explore this emerging area. Moderated by Adrian C. Ott, Roundtable Chair. Key areas we will cover:

*What are influence scores and why do they matter to you?
*What do influence scores really measure?
*How are marketers, recruiters and customer service providers utilizing these scores?
*How can you improve your score?
*What's can we expect in the future?

Official Website: http://www.hbsanc.org/article.html?aid=900

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