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The recent debate around the call for a Blogger’s Code of Conduct highlighted the growing importance of the online ‘political commons’. Traditionally this has been the area of political parties, civic organisations, and news and current affairs media. Increasingly people cleave to the latter for engagement, but its ability to facilitate a political commons – from the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ to the Guardian’s Comment is Free – is not yet proven. Is this a challenge of business models or technical constraints? Lack of understanding of users or failure to design the right kind of spaces? Or the product of broader social phenomena we have yet to understand? We are taking the debate offline and invite you to come and contribute.

Joining the event panel will be:

-- Daniel Mermelstein, Product Manager 'Have Your Say', BBC News
-- Meg Pickard, Head of Communities and User Experience, Guardian Unlimited
-- Olivier Creiche, EMEA Vice President and General Manager, Six Apart
-- Lee Bryant, Co-founder, Headshift
-- Andrew Calcutt, Programme Leader, School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London

Cost: £15 (including post-event drinks)

Information on panelists can be found on the event homepage, along with biographies, booking information, and background reading for event preparation. You can flag Attending here, but formal booking is required.

Official Website: http://futuremedia.spy.co.uk/SoapboxesInCyberspace/

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