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The emerging Web 2.0 movement is emphasizing the same things as SOA -- which is rapidly emerging as the best practice for building services, reusing IT assets, and providing open access to data and functionality. The techniques for implementing Web 2.0 apps and SOAs are in fact beginning to converge. Web 2.0 describes the Internet as a "Global SOA" while at the same time laying out practices for building lighter weight SOAs based on REST and RSS. Furthermore, Web 2.0 and online services are expected to become the dominant application model with behemoths like Microsoft and Google fighting for dominance. More interestingly, this phenomenon is actually happening now and helping businesses deliver more value to their customers every day. This fact-filled session will discuss the latest trends citing industry sources, case studies, and other well-known examples.

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Added by dhinchcliffe on January 18, 2007