330 Bear Hill Road - Suite 230
Waltham, Massachusetts

SPEAKER: Gian Jagai, Knowledge Manager, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

TOPIC: The Case Study HDS KM Program
• Where GSS was, where we are now (<1 year in), and where we hope to be in 3 years
• Focus on the holistic approach to embed KM principles in our recognition program, consultant objectives, service development and delivery processes
• Building our first community of practice, and subsequently growing to about 6 communities now
• Results of our first community survey
• Lessons learned along the way to get people within the communities to participate
• A look at some of the IT platforms used (Groove, SharePoint, ChangePoint, Outlook)

Official Website: http://kmforum.org/blog/?p=66

Added by Doug Cornelius on April 12, 2008