Basement of the Tavistock Hotel, Bedford Way
London, England WC1H


At Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

Basement of Tavistock Hotel

...Russell Square

Thursday 17th February 2011

7:30 Doors

£4 Entry

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We have another great line up for you at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, keeping up our line of fantastic line ups for 2011!


Redtrack consists of Billy Wright on lead vocals and guitar, Phil Blake on bass, Mitch Silvey on guitar and Andrew Perry on drums.

They have toured all over the U.K and Europe and have acquired a loyal fan base that is constantly growing.

Redtrack have recorded their debut album, “Whole Town’s Heart” and are now looking to make their fan base as big as possible with a number of up and coming tours.

They have had their fair share of ups and downs, the lowest point was when Phil was attacked with a meat cleaver when he was mugged in March 2007.

He has since recovered by still cannot fully use his "chord hand".

Redtrack's highest point has to be when Pete Shelley (The Buzzcocks) got in touch with them and agreed to produce and sing on their latest single, "Poledancer/ Addicted To Lust", which was released in March 2009 to rave reviews and praise from press and fans alike.

In December 2009, they blew away a thousand other unsigned bands to win the Hollyoaks Unsigned Music Show.

***THE JUDE****

"Taking the last five years best indie and the pop nous of the La’s they created an irresistible mix. Their songs were pop stompers – all choruses, melody and guitar intensity.... a bright future for this band."


"The Jude have become a formidable live act and are ready to break out on their own, forging ahead with their rock and roll licks and their indie rock danceability in a way that will make you smile and fancy a jig"

"Pure and celestial vocals merge magnificently with a Velvets throb and a lickle Strokesy staccato guitar fun for an all round Brits go Noo Yoik cool vibe"


"What The Jude have done is encapsulate the best of the present and past, and they’re the unique owners of a sound so good, you won’t believe nobody’s signed them yet. Classic stuff"

Rock Feedback

"We were practically blown away by the energy they present on stage... One electricity laden song follows the other, showing off a sound that can be best described as Kings of Leon meet delta blues and 60s rock... We say this band is the hottest tip of the summer"


"The Jude have nailed the retro indie sound to something much more exciting... If only more indie bands took a leaf out of the Jude's book. Somewhere between those playful guitars lies the kind of talent that so many bands of today would kill for. 12/13"



Foreign Legion, consisting of Matt on guitar and vocals, Sam playing drums and contributing with backing vocals and Jordan on bass. The band initially got together through a love of similar styles of music around 10 months ago. After a few sessions in the rehearsal studios and gelling really well, it was inevitable that something good was going to come of it. They produce music that can only be described as an alternative indie sound, with tight, powerful melodies, composed of banging drum beats, competent basslines and soothing guitar, all the background for soaring lead vocals.

We hope to see you there and get inviting! Lets make this a goodun!


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