301 Chicon, Unit F
Austin, Texas 78702

Saturday Dec 8th 7-11pm
The Austin Figurative Gallery
301 Chicon ATX 78701

Presents the artwork of Snarko, much of which was made at the weekly life painting sessions in the gallery space. This painter lets paint do what it wants to do, reigning it in just enough for it to serve her purposes. Then she smacks it around, literally. Her Ampersand boards can end up with frayed edges from the wacking-on-the-ground-with-wet-paint-on-them moments. She has a great understanding of hand-lettering which surprisingly translates into her looser work. So you know what I mean, DeKooning was a sign painter. Knowing what you can and can't do with letters creates a specific ability in an artist for composition, even in work not involving letters. Ol' Snarkford's loose paintings of models show the freedom she gained from having this knowledge. Who'd have thought understanding kerning would be so useful?

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Austin Figurative Gallery
301 Chicon ATX 78702

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