Seattle, Washington

Yay for our lungs, clothes and hair! I-901 has passed and the smoking ban starts on December 8th. =)

Let's celebrate by going out on Friday, December 9th to our favorite formerly-smoky, now rose-scented bars and pubs in Capitol Hill, and toast the end of cancer-causing substances in our bodies... by having lots of drinks!

So, throw out that Febreze, skip the cologne, and put on your best dry-clean-only threads, and meet us out for a night of drinks at 'mo and 'mo-friendly places we haven't gone to in a long time. We'll start off at CC's and head "downhill" from there!

8 pm: Start with "one drink" at CC's, then on to...
- Madison Pub (yay! back to MadPub!)
- Comet Tavern (almost lost my voice from all the smoke last time I was there)
- Linda's (the only smell will be unwashed hipster hair)
- Manray (smoke-free patio, ha ha!)
- ChaCha Lounge (so dark, can't see the air or my hand in front of my face!)
- Eagle (hmmm, smells like poppers)

Depending on our moods, we can either stay at the Eagle (it's Military Night) or backtrack to the Cuff, where we're certain to discover fascinating new scents and odors.

Any questions, feel free to e-mail [email protected]. Hope to see you all then!

RSVP at[email protected]/smokefreepubcrawl

Added by bostonsteamer on November 16, 2005



Meanwhile, I shall stand in the middle of Pine St, where hopefully I'll be far enough from anyone's entrance or window to be able to smoke legally.


You can smoke walking down the sidewalk, no matter how close you are to a door or window. You just can't loiter smoking outside a door or window.


I don't think Pine is 25 feet wide anyway.