39 New Montgomery
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94105

Let's be honest, in San Francisco this Tuesday, there's only one tech pitch event worth attending.  The event that entrepreneurs are lining up at attend. The place to see and be seen, suck and be sucked. Yes! That's right, San Francisco! It's the very first ever 'Smack My Pitch Up': where terrible ideas are not just encouraged, but rewarded.

Show up, pitch your worst, totally unfundable tech idea. Be ridiculed. Get drunk. Lame prizes for the lamest ideas, best presented.

Any questions? http://www.thelongfail.com

(Smack My Pitch Up is a transatlantic effort, conceived and co-ordinated by Bringing Nothing To The Party and Awesome Inc.)

Official Website: http://thelongfail.com/

Added by ErisFree on September 6, 2008



I'll be there a little late, heading to the Neal Stephenson/ Long Now thingy first.




double dog ditto


You know... you guys could get here on time, go see Stephenson tomorrow instead, FREE, and with RUDY RUCKER: