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"f you feel in the need of some serious intellectual stimulation be sure to make it down to Tate Britain this Saturday, where three internationally renowned German thinkers, Peter Sloterdijk, Boris Groys, and Peter Weibel, will be debating current issues around art and politics. The title of the conference takes its cue from Sloterdijk's recent epic trilogy Spheres, a "post-Benjaminian" account of a new conception of spatiality, where the sphere is a "thought-image" used to formulate a radical, philosophical-anthropological interpretation of modern individualism in a globalised society. Boris Groys will be speaking on The Politics of Equal Aesthetic Rights, equating the art avant-garde with politics through considering the demands made by both for equality. Lastly, Peter Weibel will be speaking on The Political Revolution of the Neo-Avant-Garde, looking at how the Neo-avant-garde was a political art, that "transformed our traditional concept of the image", defining it as an "arena of action". The conference is chaired by Eric Alliez, Senior Research Fellow at University of Paris IV, and Peter Osborne, Professor of Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University."

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