1800 Campbell Street
Oakland, California 94067

Premiere and Slowdance Party!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006 // $5 // FREE BEER // B.Y.O.Robutissin
Lobot Gallery, 1800 Campbell Street, Oakland, California
Doors at 8pm // Screening at 9pm // Slowdance Party til Late!!!
Sizzurupy slowjAmz by OonceOonce (tigerbeat) and DJ Ray Liotta (sneakmove)

SLOMO Video is a unique compilation of 100 one minute slow motion videos
by 85 video artists and filmmakers from the bay area and beyond. This
festival will stretch you through a molasses-tinged warp of catastrophic
visual and audio beauty. See what your mind usually misses!

featuring notable slowness from artists such as:
LoVid // Matmos // Bec Stupak // Mudboy // Pea Hicks
Scott Arford // Lew Baldwin // Wiley Wiggins // Yoshi Sodeoka
Keith Fullerton Whitman // and many dozens more!

Curated by Ryan Junell

Official Website: http://www.slomovideo.com

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i've got a piece in it too. come!