Alexanderplatz 7
Berlin, Bundesland Berlin 10178

The slconference 2007 is all about where virtual meets real life.

It will be the first European Second Life conference taking place from September 16 - 18, 2007 in Berlin – Alexanderplatz at the Park-Inn Hotel and includes a one-day workshop and a two-day conference.

The conference will discuss possibilities and impacts the virtual world has on the real world and vice versa. It will be a place, where people and companies involved in Second Life and newbies encounter, among other things, new business opportunities and learning environments in a virtual world.

The four topics emphasized at this event are the following: Business & Marketing, Education, Art, Design & Scripting and Community & Citizenship.

The event is organised by, a management consultancy company, emphasizing on the integration of open source projects, coaching and teaching.

Expected are around 300 participants for the event, mainly coming from Europe, longing for inspiration for their own Second Life projects and wanting to get informed and introduced to Second Life.

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The slconference 2007 is cancelled