Crested Butte
Crested Butte, California

Skywriter Ranch 2006 Writers Retreat
Director, Holly Payne
Crested Butte, CO
August 13 ? 20, 2006

A Seven-Day Retreat
Join acclaimed author Holly Payne for a playful, rigorous Rocky Mountain writing workshop featuring a personal chef, yoga instructor, guided hikes and plenty of magic for your muses.

Write Your Story
Don't miss this chance to work with Holly in a small, rigorous yet playful Rocky Mountain workshop designed to help you wrestle your story to the page, discover voice, hone story structure skills and create characters of great depth.

"Skywriter Ranch was an amazing experience. From information to inspiration, I can't imagine getting any more out of a workshop. At any level."
-Tom Formaro, Skywriter 2005 Alumnus

An Inspiring Location
Skywriter Ranch is situated at the very rustic, inspiring RMBL (Rocky Mountain Biological Lab) of Gothic that sits at the northern end of Crested Butte. Wake to jewel blue skies and hillsides bursting with wildflowers beneath snow-capped mountains. If that doesn't rouse the spirit, indulge in the many hikes and local lore and characters of Crested Butte when you're not writing.

The Workshop includes 28+ Hours of Instruction
Morning Discovery & Design sessions followed by private afternoon writing and group critique. Evenings include story telling, inspiration and relaxation under star-studded skies. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included and cooked by a chef. Participants write two pages per day, completing a 10-page submission length short story by the end of the week. Skywriters are invited to give a five-minute reading on their last night, Saturday, at the BBQ & "wrap party."

Register Today ? only 8 spaces available
Skywriter Ranch is limited to 8 writers only to ensure the highest quality writing retreat for you.

Sign up by March 1 and SAVE $50
Tuition $1,250 Lodging and three meals $32.85 per day

Email Holly at [email protected] or visit

*Note on altitude: Crested Butte and Gothic are located at 9,000 feet. If you have breathing troubles or heart conditions, please consult a physician before you decide to join us. We don't want to read your posthumous work. It takes the fun out of it, right?

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