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Skillswap awakens!

After a long hiatus, Skillswap is returning to Brighton. Our first talk will be "Web Typography Sucks" with Richard Rutter on Thursday, 22rd February at 6.30pm. In Richard's words:

"For too long typographic style has been overlooked on the Web. This SkillSwap will show how new technology demands that websites receive the refinement that has been applied in print for centuries. The session will examine what currently sucks about typography on the Web, and how to implement those typographic principles which are so severely lacking. It will also highlight what is being done right typographically, and how that can be carried forward."

"By explaining how everyone involved in a website can and should take typography to heart, the session will provide a blueprint for introducing typography at all stages of a project, thus ensuring that sound typographic principles and techniques become an integral part of the future of Web."

Richard Rutter is Production Director at Clearleft in Brighton, UK. He curates WebTypography.net where he slowly battles to improve typographic style across the Web.

To encourage members of the local community to get involved with SkillSwap, priority will be given to people who volunteer to give a talk that we feel will be of interest to the local new media community.

Places are limited, so please register early. To register, just drop a note to [email protected] stating you'd like to attend.

The Skillswap Team (Ribot, Rosie, Danny, Glenn & Dom)

Official Website: http://www.skillswap-brighton.org/skillswap/

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