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One or two little things have got in the way of Skillswap recently. Firstly, there was a little conference thingymajig to help organise and now Lighthouse have selfishly commandeered their own venue (the cheek!) for a photographic exhibition (free and recommended). Without a venue we were pretty stuffed until Natalie suggested going to the pub. And that's where we decided we'd try something different. Literally.

Et voila, we give you Skillswap on Speed.

The premise is simple. Lightning speaker slots (5 minutes) upstairs at The Eagle on Wednesday October 29th from 7.30pm until closing. The theme is, well actually, there isn't one; Speakers have been asked to just pick something they find interesting – and maybe a little different – that others would like to hear about. Amphetamines optional.

To make things a little more interesting we'll drip feed you the speakers over the next few days.

The good folks of Madgex Towers have very kindly paid for the venue so it won't cost you a penny to get in. Just bring yourself some beer tokens.

Numbers are limited so we'd appreciate it if you'd sign up in the usual way. And a quick note for those no-shows from the last event...we know who you are! Be a sport, and if you can't make it, just let us know. Ta very much.

See you next week,
James & Nat.

P.S. A little tip...it pays to get there early...that way you get a seat.

Registration is open and completely free...Sign up now!

Official Website: http://skillswap-brighton.org

Added by boxman on October 21, 2008



Is this like Barcamp, where all attendees are expected to speak for 5 mins? Or can you just come along to jeer?


Hey Bruce. Not on this occasion but we might do something similar in the future. We're pre-arranging speakers for this one.