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After a successful first event, the skillswap team are pleased to bring you the next: "Intro to Rails" with Dominic Mitchell on Thursday, 5th April at 6:30pm.

"Heard about the Ruby on Rails web framework? In the last year,everybody's been talking about it. But what is it? What can it do for you?"

"Come along to the next SkillSwap and find out. We'll examine what Rails is, how (and why) it works and the Ruby language that it's built upon. You'll be web 2.0 before you know it."

Dominic Mitchell is a Brighton based programmer, working for a publishing services company. He is still in recovery from several years working as a sysadmin. Despite being an all-round geek, he is still trying to break the mould and energetically destroy the South Downs with a mountain bike.


To encourage members of the local community to get involved with SkillSwap, priority will be given to people who volunteer to give a talk that we feel will be of interest to the local new media community.

Registration will open on Monday 26th at 10am. (Don't worry, we'll send out another announcement just beforehand).

Official Website: http://www.skillswap-brighton.org/skillswap/

Added by happygiraffe on March 20, 2007



Definitely would like to make this as I'm just starting to get my head around Ruby and Rails.

- Neil.


Drat, wish I could be there but have a meeting clash. Have a good time!


Would love to be there, but whoops forgot to sign up on the site :(


Thanks Dominic, it was a good demo.


Yeah it was good, I'm not a developer so the hands-on bit made me a bit nervous but it was the best way to get into it, which I did.