1, zone B 28 Kensington Street
Brighton, England BN1 4AJ

Two Brightonites for tonight's talk: Bruce Boughton and Glenn Jones.

Building and using secure web services using OAuth
Led by Bruce Boughton

With every passing day, we entrust more and more of our personal information to the Internet. And as each week passes, we see more and more online services launching new APIs, opening up the information silos and letting our data flow freely. But some data should not be freely available, merely portable. To do this securely requires that users prove their identity and authority. Typically this is done via username and passwords, or sometimes OpenID. Often, though, users want to appoint computer agents to access and work with their data on their behalf. These agents may not be entirely trusted, and should not be given the user's logon credentials.

Enter OAuth: an open standard for simple, secure, delegated authorization. With OAuth, a user can give a social network just enough access to their address book to connect them with their friends, or can allow a photo shop access to just the few photos they want printed onto canvases.On the Web of Data, OAuth puts the user back in control.

Experiments in Data Portability
Led by Glenn Jones

The concept of Data Portability is one of the most widely talked about topics in the ongoing development of social media. Glenn will take us through his current research work, building experimental interfaces to allow users to freely and securely exchange their data between sites. From Google’s Social Graph, Portable Contacts API and new concepts in data discovery to the future user experience design patterns.

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