28 Kensington Street
Brighton, England BN1 4AJ

This month, it's all about creativity ...but not in that brainstormy, businessy way. Instead you're going to hear about stuff that's just plain fun.

The format is a little different this time. There are three talks and they'll all be relatively short—around 20 minutes or so. Then we'll have a chat and ask questions of our three speakers.

As you can see, we take our playfulness very seriously...

Talk 1
Small and Simple

Iain Tait

Talk 2
Creativity: Stuff Made With Second Life That You Wouldn't Expect

Jim Purbrick

Talk 3
A New Theory of Awesomeness and Miracles

James Bridle
…concerning Charles Babbage, Heath Robinson, Machine Learning and Very Big Computers.

Who is this for?
You! Well, assuming you like hearing a good yarn and your inner child is still in there somewhere, just waiting to reactivate your sense of playfulness.

How do I get a ticket?
Head over to Eventbrite from 3:30pm on Wednesday, February 10th.

Official Website: http://skillswap.org/brighton/

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