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Brighton, England BN1 4AJ

Tonight's Skillswap is a JavaScript special featuring two talks:

The DOM scripting toolkit: jQuery
Led by Remy Sharp

This presentation will introduce, and demonstrate, how jQuery can be used to quickly and concisely apply JavaScript behaviour to your web app. It aims to cover most of the jQuery API - selectors, Ajax, DOM manipulation, plugins, and a few less known titbits.

Remy's talk is aimed at beginner-to-intermediate level JavaScript/jQuery peeps.

Real-time JavaScript with Comet
Led by Simon Willison

The Ajax revolution has increased user expectations for web application interactivity, and resulted in a growing demand for real-time information.

Comet is an umbrella term for a set of techniques that enable live updates of web pages as soon as a significant event occurs. On the server-side, a different set of technologies is needed to handle the challenges of event-driven applications.

Sign-up on Eventwax from Monday 19th May at 11am:

Added by boxman on April 30, 2008


Chris Adams

Hello..... Whats the url for the Eventwax signup?


I second Chris... any chance of that URL?


Hi folks

Apologies for the eventwax fail...we're now going to open up registration on 11am this coming Monday (19th May).