1, zone B 28 Kensington Street
Brighton, England BN1 4AJ

Tonight we welcome Mike Stenhouse and Tom Armitage...

From Ego to Ergo: Using Influence in Design
Led by Mike Stenhouse

We love stories, recognise patterns in a fraction of a second and have a set of highly developed social behaviours. Mike will be running through a collection of these hard-wired influence points and exploring how they can be used in the design of products, interfaces and experiences.

Settling New Caprica: Getting Your Pet Project Off The Ground
Led by Tom Armitage

Pet projects: everybody's got them. But how many of them never see the light of day? In this talk, Tom Armitage looks at some of the obstacles that impede such projects, and how to get over them. The talk also considers some ways to streamline the process of releasing software when you're your own client, and perhaps might give some ideas to improve not only your personal projects, but your work projects as well. There should be plenty enough time for a healthy Q&A session after the initial presentation.

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Added by boxman on April 30, 2008



Hiya, anyone filming this? Sounds great but I'm not around....


I could if it's ok with everyone else.


I'll be qiking if I can get wireless and power from the room (and if it's ok with people).


Film away people. Both speakers have agreed to let us podcast the event.