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SkillsCamp is about sharing your passion and knowledge with other people by giving a training session, or running or participating in a code dojo. SkillsCamp shares the unconference audience participation structure with BarCamp. It differs slightly in its focus on teaching skills. This is the place to give a class on some skill, technology, concept or practice that you wish every junior engineer wanting to work with you knew.

In addition to sharing your knowledge with the local audience, we intend to take full advantage of your time by creating training videos from the SkillsCamp sessions which can be shared freely on the Internet. Its like the BarCamp community coming together to create an MIT Open Courseware type repository of those skills we feel are most interesting and important to share with the global development community, or creating the training sessions in the Matrix :)

To make the sessions easy to digest via video on the internet, please break them down into short (15 – 20 min) topical segments that can be presented without interruption followed by a (5 – 10 min) question and answer session. Presenters are encouraged to chain these sessions together for more involved subjects. So, a one hour class could be done as two consecutive 30 minute sessions of 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes QA each. This format will make it easier for the video editors and people on the internet to enjoy.

Just like with BarCamp presenters can add sessions they are interested in giving here on the Wiki, and then in the morning August 18 we will set up a board at the venue and let presenters fill in their desired slots.

While the focus of the event is on the sessions, we will have one track for experimenting with the code dojo concept. There will probably be two Coding Dojo sessions, one before lunch, and one after.

Topics I would like to hear about Google Gears Ruby Facebook Development Flickr API (Using web API’s?) Agile Development Video Editing HTML / CSS Eclipse Object Oriented Analysis & Design Project Management Tools – Mingle Flex Dojo CMS Drupal joomla Mambo Plone Moodle Project Management Tools Collaboration tools PHP/MySQL/Apache/Ajax (LAMP) Recent Developments in Linux/Opensource Linux Localization (Tools/how to?)

source: http://barcamp.org

Official Website: http://eventsinindia.com/event/10150

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