Cannon Hill Park
Birmingham, England B12

Part of Sounds In The Round 2007
27th Ska Cubano : Sounds In The Round 2007 Open Air Arena @ mac 7.30pm

Ska Cubano’s compulsively danceable sound melds the classic 50s and 60s dance sounds of Jamaica with the vibrant rumba and salsa rhythms of Cuba. Featuring ‘Natty Bo, a white Londoner who speaks in a Jamaican accent and wears brilliant mohair zoot suits and is the kind of character novelist Colin MacInnes once celebrated. Matching him is Beny Billy, a black Cuban singer who favours patterned black zoot suits and sings like an angel. Together they’re a musical Butch and Sundance, flashy characters who stand alone amongst the dowdy chaps of contemporary British music. Ska Cubano’s big hearted and very bright joy is to be applauded.’

Venue details
mac,Cannon Hill Park,Birmingham B12 9QH 0121 440 3838
email [email protected]

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