24 E 3rd St
Newport, KY, Ohio

Break out the flannels, the faded blue jeans, the Malboros, and the unkempt facial hair: it's time for a Richard Buckner/Six Parts Seven tour! The prolific Merge Records bard and the stately Suicide Squeeze outfit join forces for a winterlong tour of these United States, part ways for a spell, and then reunite just in time for spring to rattle your hormones.

Not to be confused with Richards Swift, Hell, and Simmons, Richard Buckner plays in support of last year's quite-alright Merge Records release Meadow. 6p7, as the cool kids call 'em, open all dates. They'll then join headliner Buckner to serve as his backing band-- at which point the collective entity will not be known as the Seven Parts Seven, praise the lord.

$8 / $10 | 8PM doors, 9PM show | 18+

Official Website: http://collect.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=music.showDetails&Band_Show_ID=11469375&friendid=6908528

Added by uhlenbrock on January 20, 2007