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Seattle, Washington 98104

The problem: 1) You're on your third lunch with a prospective client this week, and, as delicious as the sandwiches at Grand Central Bakery are, you could do with a little bit of variety, or 2) You've set up you're lunch meeting on Noonhat, now how do you decide where to eat with a bunch of strangers?

The solution: Restaurant Roulette, an ultra-simple random lunch suggester, with no bells, whistles or blinking text. Just enter your location and out shoots a potential lunch spot. Not in the mood for chinese food? Reload the page and get a new choice (disclaimer: name "Restaurant Roulette" subject to change on account of general crappiness).

This is the next proposed project for Six Hour Startup, the group that has already brought you Timelope.com, Tagmindr.com, PoorMikes.org and others! This time, however, we're mixing things up a bit. Rather than doing the project in the usual office spot, we're branching out a bit to Collins Pub, the epicenter of the local lunchtime dealmaking scene. We're getting started at about 5pm, and we expect to have the site up and running around 11 (or until they kick us out)!

Folks of all skill levels are encouraged to come and participate in the excitement and reverie of building a startup in one evening (suck it, Ryan Carson). If you do show up, however, you will be expected to participate, either in coding, specs, drinking, design or testing. Django / Python programmers are particularly needed. We'll be trying to organize a prep session in conjunction with Saturday House the day before - more details on that to come later. Please register on the upcoming page, or reply directly to me if you're coming, just so we can get a general headcount.

What: Six Hour Startup Project - Restuarant Roulette
When: Sunday, July 13th - 5pm to 11pm
Where: Collins Pub (526 2nd Ave., on the edge of Pioneer Square)
Who: anyone, though Python programmers in particular are encouraged to come

Added by jmartenstein on July 7, 2008