1404 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, California 90401

June 15th – July 21st, 2012
Friday and Saturday 8:00PM
Original play by Luigi Pirandello
New Version by David Harrower
Directed by Douglas Matranga
Six Characters in Search of an Author created Luigi Pirandello's international reputation in the 1920s and is still the play by which he is most widely identified. The new version "Six Characters Looking for an Author" was written by David Harrower and performed by The Young Vic Theatre Company in London, England.

With originality that was startling to his contemporaries, Pirandello introduced a striking and compelling dramatic situation that initially baffled but eventually dazzled audiences and critics alike. In what begins as a realistic play he introduces six figures who make the extraordinary claim that they are the incomplete but independent products of an artist's imagination—"characters" the artist abandoned when he couldn't find the will or have the talent to complete their story. These "characters" have arrived on the stage in a random theater, during a rehearsal, to find an author themselves, someone who will give them the fullness of literary life that their original author has denied them. Furthermore, these "characters" claim that they are more "real" than the actors who eventually want to portray them. Six Characters is a different kind of theatrical experience; one that will stay with you and make you wonder about the illusions that take place in every day theater.

1404 – 3RD Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA. 90401

General Admission $20.00 / $15.00 Seniors & Students – Use Promo Code 007
For Reservations call (323) 960-4443
Reserve ONLINE at: www.plays411.com/6characters

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